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Running time: 6.9 hrs
Rated PG




At times funny, at times frightening‒a fast-paced thriller…

When Sheriff Jeff McQuede’s friend, Barry Dawson, tricks him into attending a Bigfoot convention at the small town of Trails’ End, he finds the adventure is only beginning. He is soon invited by the head of the research team, Dr. Adam Kurtz, to hike with them into the isolated mountains below Lost Man’s Peak where few people ever venture. McQuede immediately notices friction among the members of the team‒love triangles, resentment, and greed. Professor Callahan has obtained special funding for the project because of his claim to have encountered Bigfoot in this area, and Dr. Kurtz intends to call him out for being a fraud. The first night out trouble erupts. Ted Weiss insists that he spotted Bigfoot near his camp and tells them he was almost attacked. Is Bigfoot really out there, or is someone perpetuating a carefully-planned hoax? When murder follows, McQuede must solve the biggest case in his career!

Loretta Jackson (R) & Vickie Britton (L), a sisters writing team, have authored more than 50 novels & anthologies. Loretta lives in Junction City, Kansas, & Vickie lives in Hutchinson, Kansas.


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