Running time: 7.4 hrs
Rated PG




  Sheriff Jeff McQuede battles treacherous rapids in search of Andy Norton. Twenty-one-year-old Andy, known for perpetuating fake publicity stunts, has wandered from the isolated Rapid River Outpost and failed to return.

  When McQuede arrives at the lodge, to his amazement he encounters the person he least expects—Loris Conner—who has just days ago left him at the altar. Accompanied by her boss, Arden Reed, the two archaeologists are competing with McQuede’s friend, Professor Barry Dawson, in a race to find a rare, ancient Sheepeater site high in the mountains.

  The Outpost, operated by Doug Kemp, an enigmatic character they call the Captain, and his shady assistant, Milo Croft, has long been rumored to be a front for illegal deals. Mysterious guests include a Bigfoot hoaxer, a researcher of Bighorn sheep, and Andy’s estranged girlfriend, who appears to be harboring deep secrets. As McQuede investigates the disappearance of Andy, strange, dangerous happenings occur that he begins to suspect are part of a carefully-planned hoax.

Loretta Jackson (R) & Vickie Britton (L), a sisters writing team, have authored more than 50 novels & anthologies. Loretta lives in Junction City, Kansas, & Vickie lives in Hutchinson, Kansas.


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