Starting in 1980, Books In Motion is one of the pioneers of the unabridged audiobook industry. Only three unabridged audiobook companies existed then. And we were all selling our wares to public libraries.

In 1988 BIM became a full-fledged audiobook publisher as it started working with the authors of the prestigious Western Writers of America and published many best-selling audiobooks in the western category.

In 1992 BIM launched a venture into supplying audiobooks for the truckstop industry and established a nationwide audiobook rental system for truck drivers. Over 100,000 truck drivers participated in the program, and BIM partnered with 660 truckstop locations throughout the U.S.

The program was supported by thousands of titles on audio cassette tapes published by BIM. In 2006 CDs came to the fore and eliminated cassette tape. But CDs could not stand up to the rigors of rental, so BIM closed down the program and went into the download business connecting with 14 marketing partners all over the world and continues that program to this day.