Running time: 7.1 hrs
Rated PG




Not much happens in Contrary, West Virginia — a sleepy town with failing coal mines, a few local moonshine stills, and an urgent need for revenue.  A Federal grant for a nonexistent bus system seemed to be just the ticket. If only the Government Auditor, sent to look things over, hadn’t drunk too much white lightning, then ended up dead.  Now his successor, Owen Allison, down from D.C., must check out the situation. Disgruntled with life on the Beltway, Owen is willing to give Contrary’s officials the benefit of the doubt — and himself some romance with Mary Beth, the alluring Town Controller. Instead he feels like seventeen kinds of a fool when another body is found, and there are signs he may be next. Something more than corn mash is brewing in Contrary, and it’s up to Owen to uncover the secrets hidden deep in this Appalachian town.


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