Running time: 9.7 hrs
Rated PG




In 1985, Catherine DeMarco spent one hot July night where she shouldn’t have been, doing something she shouldn’t have been doing. This was a fatal mistake. Now Jimmy Taggart is sitting on death row. Details of that night are still hazy in his mind but the evidence was conclusive. No one believed in his innocence then. Only one person believes in it now. Sergeant Samantha Casey fought to clear the name of a Korean War vet in When the Dead Speak. She found a redeeming quality in a renegade mercenary in Nothing Else Matters. In Restless Spirit, Sam touches a button unearthed at a construction site and suddenly sees the murder taking place, hears the name of the killer repeated in her head. It’s not Jimmy Taggart’s. Paul Goddard, the detective who had worked the most brutal crime in Chasen Heights’ history, had always felt the case against Taggart had been a little too easy. Now he is off the force and battling his own demons. Sam enlists his aid but the former detective has doubts about this new evidence after he hears how Sam obtained it. The DeMarcos are less than cooperative. What secrets about Catherine’s life are they trying to hide?


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