Running time: 8.5 hrs
Rated PG




He’s known by the code name “Sparrow”. Authorities can only identify him by the tattoo on the back of his hand. Sparrow is a gun for hire and his next target is Reverend Everett Smith. His orders are to kill the Reverend on the River Queen Casino. But just before he pulls the trigger, someone beats him to it. The Reverend is carrying $50,000 in counterfeit money. Sparrow soon realizes the fee he was paid is counterfeit. Sparrow is one man you don’t want to cross. Detective Sergeant Samantha Casey is back after her debut in When the Dead Speak. Suspended from the Force after her last case, Sam is having a difficult time adjusting to unemployment. But there are more unsettling changes in her life than unemployment. The owners of the River Queen Casino hire Sam to clear them of any involvement in the Reverend’s death. And who should be working the case for the Chasen Heights Police Department but Jake Mitchell, the one person she holds responsible for her suspension.


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