Running time: 13.3 hrs
Rated PG




Marlette Brightwood had come inexperienced and unafraid from a sheltered life in Philadelphia to the unmapped, untamed Oregon Territory in 1842. She was sure she could take car of herself in this brutal world of crude frontiermen and savage Indians – and totally unprepared for what awaited her. Her guide was Ross Chesnut, a legend on the frontier. Some said he was a white renegade, others that he had Indian blood. But no one doubted his many bloody victories in violent battle, and his easy conquests on the fields of love. Marlette had no intention of surrendering to this man whom she’d despised at first sight. and Ross was not about to take no for an answer from this woman whose life was in his hands… Here, set against the majestic grandeur of the unconquered Northwest frontier, is a soaring novel of danger, passionate romance, savage excitement and blazing adventure.


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