Running time: 8.5 hrs
Rated G




It’s 1882, and developer Kellen O’Roarke wants to build a resort near a natural mineral spring in northern California, but he needs a strategic piece of land owned by Guinevere “Guin” Talbot, who apparently would rather die than part with her property. Guin is still in mourning for her parents, who, ironically, lost their money investing in a resort. Kellen isn’t her only worry. Grandmother Henrietta, bitter and critical, has taken it upon herself to move in with Guin as her “chaperone.” As Kellen begins to woo Guin, she’s not sure whether he wants a real romance or just the property. Kellen has his eye set on Guin, her land, and revenge, but his changing priorities create a conflict for him and the woman he’s come to love. A nice secondary romance between Guin’s cranky Yankee grandma and the town’s Southern doctor adds interest and humor to this engaging story of two battered people who finally learn to trust.


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