Running time: 7.75 hrs
Rated G




Dave Simons, MD and self-made man is about to face an unforgettable challenge. He takes his horse out near the Seven Springs desert of Arizona for what is supposed to be a pleasant ride. Little does he know the day will begin weeks of record high heat, or that a treacherous rockslide will claim the life of his horse. He’s injured and stranded far from help and home. To survive he must rely on his wits and a providence he doesn’t believe in. The desert is a harsh schoolmaster, and Dave learns much about surviving when hope is seemingly gone. Instruction comes from a cougar, a friendly coyote pup, and his own past, his present life, and what his future could be. Things will be different if only he can survive long enough to make it home and back to work; that is if he has a home and office to return to.


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