Running time: 10.6 hrs
Rated G




In 1995, Ben Jones is a fifth year senior at East Central Louisiana University in Ascension, Louisiana. While trying to graduate from college, he naively runs for the legislature to fill a government studies requirement. But Ben still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. Ben’s opponent, Jack Tassin, is the sixteen year incumbent. Tassin thought he would be elected unopposed after his main opponent was implicated in a prostitution scandal. However, Tassin’s heart is not in the election. His wife is ill and cannot campaign with him as she has in the past four elections. Since he has not been as visible recently, he’s also alienated some of his supporters. For Tassin, only one question remains: How far is he willing to go to win the campaign?   After months of vote buying, intimidation, and pulpit pounding, along with some good old fashioned college debauchery, the candidates are ready for an election day gutter brawl that pits age against youth, experience against idealism, cynicism against innocence, and appearance against reality.


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