Running time: 7.5 hrs
Rated R




Tennessee Man: Tall, quiet and darkly handsome, Matt Ingram had shouldered more than his share of life’s burdens. Besides working his farm in the Cumberland Gap and raising his little nephew, he had to keep a watchful eye on his womanizing wastrel of a stepbrother. And he knew he had his work cut out for him on the night the two men first saw their beautiful neighbor. Tennessee Moon: She appeared out of the mountain mists, looking more like an airy sprite than a flesh-and-blood woman. But when the moon broke through the fog, illuminating her red gold curls and sweet smile, Matt’s reaction was all too real. He longed to lose himself in Kaitlan’s innocence, to forget the betrayals of the past that had made him brooding and bitter. No matter what it took, he would protect Kaitlan from the careless seduction of his stepbrother, for his was the one woman whose bright spirit could light up his life.


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