Running time: 5.96 hrs
Rated R




Camellia Perigord Mackintosh has a secret. The quiet librarian, with a master’s degree in anthropology and an unfortunate predilection for historical research, is a modern day version of Robin Hood who will stop at nothing. Jake Hastings is everything that Camellia despises. Incredibly handsome and exceedingly wealthy, the confident government agent has set his sights on catching the notorious felon who’s been breaking all the rules and upsetting the balance of the world’s wealthiest of families, including Jake’s. For years Camellia has avoided capture. Cleverly working behind the scenes and using whatever means necessary to shake up the establishment, she’s been helping the descendants of disavowed women reclaim their birthright…and their inheritance. But when the provocative Camellia falls into the arms and bed of the uncompromising spy, she may very well have met her match. Melody Knight’s fast-paced suspense romance, In Trysts, is a must read romance. Filled with passion, it will keep you on the edge, make you breathless, and leave you wanting more.

CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-948-3

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Running Time: Approx. 5.96 hrs.
Read by Phoebe Zimmermann

Rated R, 6 CDs


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