Running time: 7.94 hrs
Rated PG




Charlie and Drake are working a helicopter job in rural Maine when a man approaches and asks for their help. At first glance, it seems he’s just an old man who needs to get to his son’s remote cabin in the woods. But the cabin holds more secrets than Fergus McNab will admit, and it isn’t until Charlie returns to Albuquerque that she discovers they may have just aided and abetted a criminal who has escaped the law back home. The secrets get twistier, the more she looks into the ten-year-old case where Rory McNab, facing a life in prison, seemed to vanish from the reach of the law. Just as Charlie is thinking she should report McNab’s whereabouts, there’s a murder that seems to rock the foundation of the old case. And Charlie is in handcuffs, caught in the middle.

“Charlie is a fabulous amateur sleuth.” –Midwest Book Review


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