Running time: 3.58 hrs
Rated G




How Do You Rate Yourself? The only way to move beyond what we can accomplish alone is to genuinely care about those who support us. Here’s how to see where you stand, by knowing: Why Integrity Requires Evidence , Why Commitments Cannot be Casual, Who to Advocate, How to Disprove Lies and Refute Complainers, Ways to Show Appreciation, Who to Defend, Who Wants You to Succeed, Who Deserves Your Support, Who to Follow, How to Separate Credibility from Charisma, How to Detect Deceivers, Why Deceivers Need Protectors, How Deceivers Cover Up, How Deceivers Spin the Truth, How Deceivers Encourage Confusion, How to Avoid the Temptation to Manipulate, How to Recognize Manipulators, How Vanity is Disguised, How to Focus on Benefits, How to Find New Ways, How to Bridge Generation Gaps, How Caring Releases our Best Attributes, Why Caring Resolves Conflicts, Clues to Forgive and Forget, How to Seek Candid Feedback, How to Overcome Resistance, and How to Convert Opponents Into Allies.


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