Running time: 9.8 hrs
Rated PG




Hetta and her husband, Bob (Jenks) Jenkins, have finally broken free from the rat race of corporate America.  Having forsaken the shackles of deadlines, they have been enjoying the soul liberating life of freedom.  For the past five years, they have traveled on their boat, Jensky, meeting new friends and finding their true selves.

Freedom, however, comes with a price.  As the Jenkins find, the sea is an unforgiving mistress. Hetta and Jenks meet up with an old friend, Bud, a fellow water rat, to discover he has a new flame- a much younger lady (too young, too lithe and too evil, Hetta muses).  The Jenkins happen upon a Gps unit and several packs of  cocaine  when they land in Mexico. Soon, they find  that Bud’s loyalty  seems as shallow as his mistress’ personality.  Finding themselves followed  constantly by two men, they go to the local police for help. However,  they seem to care less about this and begin to suspect Hetta and Bob are drug mules.

The U.S. Coast Guard finds a boat similar to the Jenksy adrift in the Sea of Cortez; its occupants butchered by machetes. They find in a satellite photo that a small Panga has been blown up, and trace the Jenksy to being in the area.  Soon, the Jenkins find themselves caught up in a world of drug runners and arms dealers. On the run from drug cartels and the Mexican police, they are running out of time.


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