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Running time: 6 hrs
Rated PG




Jessa Wilde fell in love with Adam Gray years ago, when he was a teenage ranch hand at her grandfather’s ranch, Wilde Acres, and she was a gawky eleven-year-old. But with a losing hand of poker, her grandfather’s prize stallion went to the Grays, and the two families have been feuding ever since. Jessa doesn’t know the reason behind the feud—she only knows that her heart has never belonged to anyone but Adam.

Adam Gray doesn’t realize that afternoon when his Jeep won’t start, that the gorgeous young woman offering him a lift is someone he should have recognized. The ride home hits a bump when Jessa’s car breaks down and a hurricane hit, forcing the pair to spend a night together in the only shelter around, an old abandoned barn. Passing the time by playing a few hands of poker seems harmless enough—the bets are simple twigs and straws. Until suddenly the stakes get higher, and when Adam figures out he’s been set up the feud is likely to escalate into an all-out war. Choosing between the grandfather she has always adored and the man she’s pined for most of her life, Jessa finds out—well, it’s complicated.



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