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Running time: 6.1 hrs
Rated PG




Margie Walker might be slightly accident prone. Although the man at the bank whom she nearly strangles with her purse strap would likely call her homicidal. Her fiancé, the straight-laced lawyer Tyler Bonaguide is the man she set her cap for ten years ago—now he’s the handsome gubernatorial candidate. All she wants is for the wedding to go smoothly so she can claim her inheritance and settle into the upscale life she was groomed for.

Rancher Alex Wilde is in Tampa to catch up with the elusive and beautiful Brittany, stop her marriage and save his land, and the last thing Margie wants is to get caught up in the middle of this stranger’s problems. But smack in the middle is where she finds herself, as he demands that she give him a ride to the pier and Brittany’s cruise ship, where this other woman is most likely to be married at sea right after it sails.

A less-likely pair there never was, and Margie can hardly be blamed for Alex’s recklessly driving her Jaguar off the road. But there’s her own kind-hearted streak in helping with his quest to catch the ship, long after she knows she should instead be racing home to Tyler. Then again, this might be her final adventure before settling into marriage and life as Florida’s first lady.

A torrential downpour, a plane crash, a Bahamian marketplace, a runaway donkey cart … and there’s more … Will this mismatched pair survive the streak of disasters that befall them, and will a gumball-machine trinket prove to be the blast-from-the-past that tells Margie true love just may have a chance?



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