Running time: 10.2 hrs
Rated PG




The time is the late 1800’s, the setting, a small town in Eastern Washington: the story, an undeniably fascinating and unforgettable saga of life on the newly civilized western frontier. Why Wait for Heaven paints a broad and brilliant portrait of this era as it follows the exploits of the Andrus family, prominent residents of Dayton: Lord Nelson Andrus, the patriarch known to all as “Doc”, a man rich in humanity and intelligence who dispenses both justice and good health to the local citizenry; his wife and loving helpmate, Nancy, whose good sense and good manners guide the Andrus household; and their seven spirited children one son and six daughters who tread precariously between high hopes and high jinks as they stumble towards maturity.

Rich in description and detail, populated by colorful and courageous characters, and filled with romance, comic adventures, and controversy, Why Wait for Heaven beckons the reader to return to the days of yore and relive a magnificent and never-to-be-forgotten time.


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