Running time: 10.35 hrs
Rated PG




The Montana gold camps attracted thousands. But while many were miners and merchants, it was none-the-less a haven for gamblers, thieves, and murderous cutthroats as well. The leader of these evil doers was a soft-spoken, charming man named Henry Plummer. With a gift for organization and personality that appealed to men and women alike, Plummer got himself elected Sheriff and organized the outlaws into a band called the “Innocents.” Being anything but innocent, this vicious group murdered a known 102 victims between the winters of 1862 and 1864 (although the actual count is believed to include at least a score more). The number of “Innocents” varied during this time, but there were twenty-four principle members. All of them, including Sheriff Plummer and his chief deputies, were hanged by Vigilantes between December 21, 1863, and January 11, 1864. It is against this historical background, that Vigilante Moon is set, bringing to life, with vivid authenticity, Virginia City, Montana in its heyday, and the historical characters who peopled it.


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