Running time: 13.5 hrs
Rated R




Best selling author, David Chase has unknowingly written a story that parallels a gruesome but real-life terrorist attack. He becomes the key suspect of an intense CIA investigation, and soon his reputation, his livelihood, and ultimately his life becomes the target of extinction. The man known only as the Urban Healer, an underground cult figure born with extraordinary powers of the senses and an uncanny ability to heal, saves Chase’s life from an assassination attempt. As fugitives, they flee across the country in a desperate search for answers in a race against impending apocalyptic doom. But during the cataclysmic events of a single day, the world’s population has all but ceased to exist. Only a scant few survivors remain. Chase and the Urban Healer become the beleaguered group’s uniting force. But will it be enough, when they must come face to face with the hidden tyrant responsible for this?


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