It’s Christmas season in Spokane, Washington and Patrick Shannon, an Afghanistan war veteran, is not having a good season. He’s depressed over his young daughters illness, Cassie is confined to a wheelchair and unable to walk. Medical bills have driven Patrick and his wife into so much debt, they can’t afford the operation that would allow Cassie to walk.
Patrick is a Spokane cop and while his personal problems drag on him, so does the disappearance of a young local girl. Patrick suspects she is kidnapped. The parents are frantic and are of little help. Two years ago another child was missing and later found dead.
But what of the homeless man, Sam Wilson? Little is known of this man and he seems to attract a lot of young people who meet him in the park. Could he be the kidnapper?
Patrick becomes even more concerned when he discovers his own children are going to the park to see Sam Wilson.
Mysterious happenings leave Patrick perplexed and concerned and even more fearful that another child may turnup missing.
This is an original Christmas story written specifically for Books In Motion and provided to our many audiobook listeners, free of charge. All of us at Books In Motion wish you the best for the Christmas holiday season. MERRY CHRISTMAS.


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