Running time: 8.2 hrs
Rated PG




James “Orlando” Sherwood has resurrected the old Shadow Dance religion, having his followers dance for days at a time for the promise of an Indian paradise. For Orlando and his followers, nothing must delay the coming of the New World-not even the investigation of Ben Holden’s death. It has been four months since lawyer Vicky Holden left her high-powered job in a legal firm to return to her home on the Wind River Reservation. She agreed to meet her abusive ex-husband Ben at a local restaurant, but he soon loses his temper, makes a scene, and walks out. A mortified Vicky later learns Ben is murdered. Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden and her friend, Father John O’Malley, believe that Orlando has more to do with it than he lets on. But to get the proof they need, they will have to learn to dance to his music….


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