Running time: 6.5 hrs
Rated PG




Holy war in Epic, Kansas? You’d better believe it! It’s Revival Week, and every man, woman, child and cocker spaniel–if it looks Methodist–is expected to be there. There really is an Epic, Kansas but you won’t find it on a map. Perhaps it’s the very town where you grew up. Perhaps you, like Edwin J. Stamford, at age eleven, lived there while coming to grips with one of the basic truths of life: “Always blame the boy!” Growing up is never easy–and Edwin may not have been the first nor the last boy to cut his toe while trying to learn the manly art of shaving. If you were ever a boy, you probably lived many weeks like Edwin’s. If you were a sister, you were probably “Irene the Rat”–and you should be ashamed of yourself. A fantastic rite of passage, The Revival reminds us of innocent times, simpler places, and the wonders of growing up.<" style="float:right; height:54px; width:216px" />


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