Running time: 9.2 hrs
Rated PG




Lane Palmer has been fighting terrorists for years, leaving his marker, the hawk playing card. Called out of retirement by FBI Chief Pat O’Neill, Lane includes his wife Nancy, another former FBI agent, and his loyal Nez Perce Indian friend, Tom Redhorse, on the Hawk’s strike team. This unexpected case may prove to be the most extreme yet for “The Hawk.” A neutron bomb is planted somewhere in the United States. The Hawk must stop a spreading network of Al Qaeda sleeper cells, a planned germ warfare attack at a packed football stadium, and track down the elusive bomb carrier. Lane and his team are assisted by a mysterious pair of allies. One carries a strange “cue stick” weapon. Rand has returned, but refuses to reveal if he is of earthly or alien origin. Meanwhile, strange calls from someone naming themselves “Eagle” lead Lane, Nancy and Tom on the hunt. No agency claims this agent, yet his leads are accurate, and he seems to be a friend.


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