Running time: 10.8 hrs
Rated G




Dynamic Romanian multimillionaire Nicolae Carpathia’s sphere of influence steadily grows as he parlays his looks, charm, charisma, and intellectual brilliance into success in business and politics. But those who oppose him, or even slight him are quickly eliminated.

On another front,  Journalist Cameron “Buck” Williams has achieved his goal to write for the Global Weekly and is assigned to cover escalating events in Israel, when the Russians invade. At the same time,  Pan-Con Airlines captain Rayford Steele’s star is beginning to rise as well, and he is tapped for consultation by the CIA and the Defense Department. His first assignment is to confer with  a young anti-terrorist member of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, Abdullah Ababneh, on how to make United States planes safer.

On a personal level, both men are personally dealing with the uneasy feelings brought on by their wives’ new found devotion to their religious beliefs.

But the line between career and personal events blur under the import of what, unbeknownst to all the characters and mankind as a whole, is a battle for their souls, and a headlong rush toward the RAPTURE!


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