Running time: 6.53 hrs
Rated PG




“Forget ‘imagination is key,’” Tom remarked. “More like ‘imagination is fuel.’ Without it, it sounds like everything in this world would just…stop.”

Phantasmagoria…where all the forgotten dreams go, where all the imagined things, both good and bad, make their home.

Tom, Katie, Chad, Sharice, and Melissa have two more artifacts to find before they can return home. However, the search isn’t easy when they must stay vigilant against treacherous nightmare creatures and the ever-spreading Blank that threatens to destroy everything around them.

Back in Cedarville, Minnesota, Mr. Blackburn, the school librarian who sent Tom and his friends to Phantasmagoria, is fighting his own battles. Will he be able to protect the town? Can he teach the unfrozen residents to use the powers of imagination before Morgrim finds them?

The balance between Phantasmagoria and Earth is tipping precariously. Phantasmagorians and humans alike must place their fate in the hands of five fifth graders and a school librarian.

Join Tom, Katie, Chad, Melissa, and Sharice as they adventure through Phantasmagoria, encountering everything from pirate parrots to aliens, on their search for two more artifacts…before time runs out.


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