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Running time: 9.4 hrs
Rated PG




2021  VOTED ONE OF THE BEST  50 BOOKS OF THE YEAR!  Three children playing in a barn.

A deadly accident…and then a void.

When Lorene Whitten returns to Garland, Kansas, because of her father’s illness, she is shocked to find that her childhood playmate, Cassa, has been missing all of this time. The Lander farm evokes haunting, ghost-like memories of her little playmate, as if Cassa were beckoning to her from the grave. Lorene starts asking questions and encounters resistance from the close-knit group of three long-time friends and town leaders who call themselves the Knights of Garland, of which her father is a member. Ethan Lander, the boy who was with them in the barn that day, offers to help her locate Cassa. But Lorene wonders if his real goal is to prevent her from finding out the truth. And what of her own disturbing memories? Lorene must find out what really happened that day. Was Cassa the victim of an ill-fated accident, or murder?

Back in 2007 Stephanie found a calling as an English teacher during a trip overseas to the Czech Republic. She decided to stay and has been enjoying life on another continent ever since. However, at that time distance and circumstances made it impossible for her to continue in the field of audio book narration. In the following interview, Stephanie discusses getting back in the saddle as a narrator/storyteller, her approach to the material as an actor, and how she feels about her faithful listeners and followers. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE


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