Running time: 7.23 hrs
Rated PG




“Tom didn’t think it was possible for his jaw to drop any further. Was this really his best bud, Chad? The kid who avoided yelling no matter the circumstance, who could barely talk to girls (before they went to Phantasmagoria, that is)?”

Phantasmagoria…where all the forgotten dreams go, where all the imagined things, both good and bad, make their home. For the first time since entering Phantasmagoria, Tom, Katie, Chad, Sharice, and Melissa have split up.

In Sharice’s imagination, deep in the Hidden Jungle, Katie and Sharice must both make difficult decisions if they want to stay alive long enough to reunite with the rest of their friends, and hopefully find an artifact or two along the way. Having escaped into Chad’s imagination, Tom and Melissa face nightmare creatures of prehistoric proportions. As they race to find Chad and the artifact, they may find that they are less safe from Gauen, the terrifying, shape-shifting leader of the Nightmare Army, than they thought.

Back in Cedarville, Minnesota, Morgrim (the guy who threw off the balance between the real world and the world of Phantasmagoria) finally finds where his half-brother, Mr. Marcus Blackburn, is hiding. Will the brothers be able to forge an alliance to save Phantasmagoria? Join Tom, Katie, Chad, Melissa, and Sharice as they adventure through Phantasmagoria, encountering everything from hungry T. Rexes to frolicking castle guards, as they attempt to collect three artifacts…before time runs out.


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