Running time: 10.24 hrs
Rated PG




When John Chamberlain, husband of Presidential-front-runner Senator Elizabeth Chamberlain, is found dead in the couple’s Watergate apartment, official Washington pegs it as a suicide by a desperate, recovering drug addict. But when John Chamberlain’s best friend follows him in death in a mysterious accident, and an assassin’s bullet kills Senator Chamberlain’s chief aid, both the media and law enforcement officials sense the making of a sensational cover-up. Hand picked by the White House, veteran District Detective Quinn Shannon heads up a joint task force of federal and local investigators as the corpse count piles up around them. Shannon reluctantly teams up with feisty Washington Press reporter Katie St. Clair, who possesses the uncanny ability of being at the wrong place at the right time. Shannon and St. Clair find themselves in a race against time to learn the truth behind the trail of death and destruction. But will they find it first or will the figures lurking around every corner beat them to it?


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