Running time: 5.75 hrs
Rated G




Before the outsider, now Chief Heads Off, brought the Elk Dog to The People their strategy had always been to flee or hide from their mortal enemies, the Head Splitters. The Elk Dogs changed The People making them true warriors, and they had subdued the Head Splitters. Heads Off’s Elk Dog clan grew in prestige and power. The signs seem good for the new chief, his family and the tribe. Yet trouble is brewing as some of the young Elk Dog Warriors do not wish to follow the trail of peace. Against the orders of the elders they continue on the path of war. Heads Off must stop the young bloods before their ill-advised skirmishes turn into full-scale war. It will be a war that will not only exterminate the Head Splitters, but consume the various clans of The People themselves.


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