Running time: 12.2 hrs
Rated G




They traveled to America in search of freedom and prosperity…. Elsa Anders’ dream of marrying Peder Ramstad is about to come true. Can this strong-willed, creative woman with a love for independence, adventure, and the sea find happiness with a captain who insists upon leaving her safely on shore? Peder Ramstad is driven by a love for the sea, and for his wife. He is determined to make a success of his new shipyard. Yet his desperate need to control his house and fate may destroy that which he treasures the most. Kaatje Janssen is broken hearted over her husband’s infidelity. As Elsa’s friend she prays that a journey to America will mark a new beginning, and a bright future for her marriage, and her unborn child. Tora Anders, Elsa’s 16-year old sly younger sister, knows just what she wants, and exactly how to get it. Heaven help the man or woman who stands in her way. From the towering mountain coasts of Norway, to the rocky coast of Maine, and across the turbulent, danger filled waves of the open sea–This is an epic saga of perseverence, passion, faith and fidelity.


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