Running time: 4.9 hrs
Rated PG




 The Big Island Posse’s setting is the late 1880s on the Island of Hawaii near the Parker Ranch. Through several quirks of fate, two young cowpunchers from the Badlands of the Dakotas, along with the beautiful women in their lives, are plunged into this ranching world. They move from Theodore Roosevelt’s defunct Maltese Cross Ranch on the Little Missouri to the Paniola Ranch on the Big Island. The men, Val and Lincoln, along with their Dakota horses, Big Enough and Wire Fence, are soon pressed into the Big Island Posse to hunt down payroll bandits by Sam Parker, owner of the gigantic Parker Ranch, and his visitor from Honolulu, King of the Hawaiian Islands, David Kalekawa. The search for the murdering bandits takes them through high grasslands, fern grottos, deep canyons, beach sands, and also along the steaming rim of the huge volcano: Kilauea. Gun play, with interludes of luaus, wild horse hunts, courtships, captures and escapes, leads Val to finally find release from a revenge curse on his life of many years standing by the strange members of the Metis La Pierre family. The surprise ending will shock the reader as justice gets its due from the bandits.


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