Running time: 9.6 hrs
Rated PG




The Adventures of Rustle and Eddy is a standalone, deep-sea adventure in the Book of Deacon setting.

A little curiosity can be a dangerous thing. Rustle should have been content in his little pond, hidden away from the world where hopefully nothing exciting would ever happen. But the sea was so near, with all of its mysteries and secrets. He couldn’t help but sneak away from time to time and gaze upon the surface, wondering what lay beneath. Little did he know that on this fateful day, there was something equally curious staring back.

Eddy was a merman. Just as mermaids were blessed with the ability to travel to the surface, he was blessed with the ability to travel to the depths. Together, all of the sea was theirs to explore, but it seemed only the maids ever found something exciting. A few words of magic, and an awful lot of optimism, brought him to the surface in search of adventure. To his delight, he found Rustle.

Together, to the fairy’s woe and the merman’s delight, they soon find themselves on the adventure of their lives. But now that fate has turned its eyes to them, can they survive what it has in store?


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