Running time: 8.1 hrs
Rated PG




Among the dusty, deserted mining towns of the Old West is Thirsty, Idaho. Stories from the town’s turbulent and comic history are exuberantly told by a young boy just as his grandfather related them. Stories of a time when the only law in town was hard horse sense, and a fast gun. Thirsty was a place where you didn’t step on the wrong man’s property–or his toes–without paying the price in a shootout. It was a time and place where everyone had an eye out for gold. “Doc” Crane is the only man with any book learnin’, capable of anything, including falling in love with a madam. Town outlaws, Lucky and Notches, are a pair of the stupidest bullies ever to roam the west. Pugnacious Momma Rose uses her bulk force on anyone who gets in her way. Reverend Jones is on a mission nobody seems interested in. While Downwind, a man with the sweetest heart and the meanest body odor, still finds the love of his life. These characters get themselves into spectacular messes as the story of Thirsty’s loves and woes unfolds.


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