Running time: 8.55 hrs
Rated R




It is 2012 and the United States is at war in three middle-eastern countries after a second terrorist attack on our homeland. PERRY AMBROSE is an embedded reporter covering the Iran campaign. When Perry tries to convince WNN to go live with his video of the brutal mutiny shootout, he is rebuked after the PRESIDENT warns WNN to squelch the story. Six months later, Perry is a broken man who has been blackballed from media employment except for scant assignments with fringe paparazzi magazines. After blowing an interview with CLAIRE MINTON, the nation’s first legitimate third party presidential candidate, Perry becomes enthralled with the female gulf war veteran and her grass roots party, the Heartlanders. Perry is so moved by Minton’s cry for revolution that he approaches her, offering to provide a smuggled video of the Tehran mutiny.

Fleeing for his life from unknown assailants, Perry uncovers a plot not unlike the Manchurian Candidate, except in this case it is not the communists we must fear, but our own state militias.


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