Running time: 6.3 hrs
Rated PG




Libby’s world is rocked to the core when her business partner Alexis—working late one night—is attacked by an intruder at their spa. JJ shows up in full cop mode, terrified that his wife has barely escaped the serial rapist who’s been plaguing the city in recent months. But Lexi isn’t convinced. Too many seemingly unrelated incidents occur before they realize a decades-old murder and pact between two then-juvenile delinquents could be tied to everything going on now.
Meanwhile, Libby and Greg are flourishing as a couple although she’d certainly like to put off having him meet her nosey mother Julia and sister Jordan just a little while longer. But a delay is not to be, when Julia reports strange happenings in her elder community—someone’s been tapping at her window at night and using her pool without her permission. And who are these young, bicycle-riding, backpack-carrying ‘gang’ members who are hanging around? At first, Libby questions her mother’s claims. Maybe it’s early-onset Alzheimer’s? But as she and Shadow start following the clues, the danger appears much closer than anyone realizes. Could all these neighborhood incidents be connected?


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