Running time: 3.54 hrs
Rated G




The Morans had to have that cow, for Larnie’s sickly mother was about to have a child, and the infant would need milk. Out here in the empty prairie of 1875, only a cow could save its life. But Larnie could not-would not-ask her Papa to get Bessie back for her. She bridled the family’s old white mule and rode off bareback after the cow.

She was just in time to see the animal join a passing trail herd and lose itself among the thousands of steers. Along the trail to Wichita, she ran into Buzzard, a tough boy younger than she but a lot stronger, who twice stole her mule and scornfully ordered her to go home. She was nearly made prisoner by a mad, lonely woman who wandered the prairies, seeking her lost family. Larnie discovered that she would have to search through twenty thousand head of beef steers after one lone milk cow. She never gave up until she found that cow.


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