Running time: 7.13 hrs
Rated PG




This time, even without seeing a gun, gunsmith Boothenay Irons knows something terrible is going to happen.  It all started innocently enough when her boyfriend, Caleb, wanted to go look at an Appaloosa horse by the name of Six Shot that he saw advertised in the newspaper.  Boothenay begged him not to, but to no avail.  Reluctantly Boothenay accompanies him to see the Nez Perce Indian owner and horse.  She hopes that by staying in the car, and not getting anywhere near the horse or any guns, she can avoid any potential danger, or transcending time like she has in the past.  But she is wrong . . .

Boothenay watches in dismay as her boyfriend disappears on Six Shot’s back into a deadly past, and the only way she can save him, is to go after him, and remove a curse that has been placed on the Nez Perce Indian’s family over two hundred years ago.  With dread in her heart, Boothenay lays hands on the Indian’s Le Mat pistol and suddenly finds herself hurtling back through time and into the skin of “Button”, a saloon girl with one too many enemies.  To make matters worse, “Caleb” now a cowboy, doesn’t recognize her, and won’t listen to a word of warning….until it’s too late.


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