Running time: 6.6 hrs
Rated PG




Bruin Henry’s not proud of the life he’s led. Robbing stagecoaches cost him the love and devotion of his daughter. Along the way, he’s been blamed for worse crimes, namely, cold-blooded murder. Ironically, the man who rode with him the day of the botched robbery and who is truly responsible, is none other than his very own son-in-law, Link Cochran. Now, many years later, Henry learns that his daughter is dying, and she has just one request…she wants Henry to take his thirteen-year-old granddaughter to meet Link Cochran, the father she’s never known. There’s nobody Henry would rather see dead. But, he owes his daughter for all those lost years. So, saddled with a teenager who hates him, Henry sets out to find Link and…some restitution.


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