Rattlesnake Island Book Cover

Running time: 12.5244 hrs
Rated PG-13




Lake Winnipesaukee in central New Hampshire is a paradise on earth. Its not only beautiful but also peacefula perfect place to unwinduntil a ruthless killer starts taking innocent lives. Following a horrific double homicide, the small communities surrounding the lake are wondering who the next victim will be and what the killer wants.

Russian-American police officer Vanya Petrova is enraged that someone has shattered paradise on her lake community. She seems to be the central figure in this murderers bloody rampage. Vanya suspects shes somehow acquainted with the sick man responsible for the bloodshedthat the whole mess might involve a Russian crime boss who seeks revenge.

The killer wont settle for inciting fear in Vanyas community. He wants to ruin her life too. He doesnt necessarily want her dead; instead, hes intent on shoving Vanya over the cliff of insanity. There is one thing, however, that he doesnt plan on: Vanya fighting back. She stands up for her family, friends, and community, and she wont give up without a struggle. Even if it means losing her very life.


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