Running time: 8.6 hrs
Rated PG




In the year 2007 two astronauts and their NASA spacecraft, Charger II, disappeared on re-entry after a routine mission. One astronaut survived, only to find himself cast back in time. After traveling with Lewis and Clark on the Voyage of Discovery to the Pacific Coast, the time-stranded astronaut Jim Parker knew he could use his knowledge of future events to his own advantage, becoming a rich man in the bargain. Parker knew the bigger scheme of things to come, but not the minute individual details of every place, person, or event.

He knew in 1807 a Civil War was going to erupt. He knew eventually World Wars I and II would come, followed by the Korean and Viet Nam wars. All would come, but first he would outlive all those he befriended, helpless to stop the inevitable turn of history. Instead he becomes a nomad, lost in the vast expanse of the American Frontier. The bedraggled stranger becomes known by Native American tribes as the Lone Wanderer. The seemingly immortal Wanderer wrestles with personal demons, trying to outwit his paradoxical knowledge of the future, and being unable to prevent any of it.


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