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Running time: 7.42 hrs
Rated PG




  Maisy Malone and her three best friends have their Christmas day picnic at the beach spoiled by the discovery of a dead Japanese fisherman. They report the body to the Santa Monica police who notify the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department because the body was found outside the city’s jurisdiction. The sheriff decides not to waste any time or money investigating the murder. Maisy is offended by their racist attitude, so she and Mabel Normand decide to use their Christmas vacation from making movies to investigate the crime on their own. The clues lead them to the back alleys of Rattlesnake Island, the old name for San Pedro’s Terminal Island, where they discover a secret society of cutthroats and smugglers that has no ethnic limits. The two young women, with the assistance of L.A. Police Detective Sergeant Eddie Brown, snoop where they shouldn’t and nearly lose their lives as they hunt down the killer of Japanese fisherman Masi Tanaka.

Back in 2007 Stephanie found a calling as an English teacher during a trip overseas to the Czech Republic. She decided to stay and has been enjoying life on another continent ever since. However, at that time distance and circumstances made it impossible for her to continue in the field of audio book narration. In the following interview, Stephanie discusses getting back in the saddle as a narrator/storyteller, her approach to the material as an actor, and how she feels about her faithful listeners and followers. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE


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