murder in the first reel book cover

Running time: 7.73 hrs
Rated PG




Bartender Charlie Quinn was found dead in the basement holding cell at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Station. The police were the first suspects for his death. The LA County Coroner ruled Quinn died by accident. Declared to be intoxicated, Quinn allegedly stumbled and fell against the grating of the cell door and died from a brain hemorrhage. Maisy Malone wasn’t buying the coroner’s verdict, so she decided to prove the real cause for Quinn’s death. With the help of comedy film star Mabel Normand and star vaudeville mime Charlie Chaplin, Maisy tracked down the truth and proved Quinn’s death was actually MURDER IN THE FIRST REEL.
Maisy entered the studio lot and went straight to the tower to listen to Mack Sennett or one of the directors tell the actors, extras, and set hands the plan for the day’s filming. When she didn’t hear her name called for a part in one of the three films being shot that day, she found Milo and walked with him to the extras bench.

“Did you read the morning paper?”

Milo shook his head. “No. Why?”

“There’s an article in the Times about the bartender who died in jail yesterday. It’s much more detailed than the one you read in the Evening Express.” She handed her copy of the Times to Milo. “Here. Read it for yourself. Read it and then tell me what you think about it.”

Milo accepted the broadsheet. “Okay, I’ll read when we get to the bench.”


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