Running time: 6.8 hrs
Rated PG




Riding into Willow Springs, Texas, Jefferson Davis King trails a horse behind him intended as a gift for his friend C. D. Hollis. But Sheriff Hollis isn't around to collect–he'd been killed with a shotgun blast weeks earlier by an unknown gunman. Suspects include the town's cunning judge, a hotheaded new Sheriff, and the rancher Dallas Castleberry. All of them are feuding for a piece of the rich, unsettled land across the railroad tracks. They all wanted Hollis dead, and none of them are talking. A loose-lipped gravedigger tells all he knows to J. D., who then sets off on a dangerous manhunt. He knows the killer is somewhere in plain sight, hidden behind a friendly face.

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CD ISBN: 1-58116-525-0

Read by Michael Taylor
Approx. 6.8 Hrs. 7 CDs
Rated PG


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