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Running time: 7.54 hrs
Rated G




Lucy Richeson has her life all planned—sort of. Her summer job as a lifeguard will take her through until the fall, when she wants to attend the Art Institute. But, unfortunately for Lucy, she’s currently living under Aunt Stephanie’s roof, and her straight-laced aunt has other ideas. To avoid being forced into pharmacy school, Lucy accepts her best friend Chloe’s invitation to spend the summer working on her uncle’s huge ranch in central Florida. Feeding horses doesn’t sound too hard, and the pay is a lot better than at the city pool.

Nicholas Wilde is sick and tired of the women in his family playing matchmaker. Every summer it’s some new girl, and none of them have half the appeal as that cutie who thought she was rescuing him from drowning when he dove for the ring he’d dropped to the bottom of the pool that day. Plus, Cynthia Thompson is around the ranch a lot these days. He doesn’t need any more complications. Imagine their mutual shock to discover that not only is the lifeguard now one of his ranch hands, none of the guest quarters were available and she’s sleeping in the bedroom right next to his.

It isn’t long before Lucy suspects Chloe and her grandmother are behind the setup, and she wants the heck out of there. But there’s no quick escape from the remote ranch, and she’s quickly falling in love with the beautiful scenery and the people—some of them. Still, the hunky Nicholas surely won’t give Lucy a second glance, as long as elegant Cynthia is at the ranch.

Plus, Lucy doesn’t want to give up her dream of art school. Will there be any chance that the spark between them can ever become a flame?



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