Running time: 13.21 hrs
Rated G




This adventure story of the south seas is one of Conrad’s best known works. Jim is a young man who has chosen a career with the Merchant Marines. Early on he is tested by the sea and found wanting. His ship founders on the high seas and sinks. Disregarding the passengers, Jim, and the rest of the crew manage to escape in lifeboats. The passengers die with the ship. Haunted by his one act of cowardice Jim wanders from port to port in search of self-respect. He manages to redeem himself and earn the title of Lord Jim in a dangerous and exciting fashion. Like all of Conrad’s stories it begins a little slow but as the story unfolds the action builds to an exciting conclusion.< src="http://www.booksinmotion.com/image/catalog/action_link_genre.gif

CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-695-6
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Running Time: Approx. 13.21 Hrs.
Read by Gene Engene
Rated G, 12 CDs


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