Running time: 20.23 hrs
Rated R




Threatened with forced removal from their Florida homeland, the Seminole and Miccosukee Indians took up arms. Using alligator-infested swamps to their advantage, they fought the U.S. Army to a standstill. Unable to win militarily, General Thomas Jesup captured his enemies under flags of truce. With most of their people transported west, fewer than a hundred remained hidden in the heart of the Everglades, members of the only tribe never to surrender.


“Robson’s soaring descriptions of Florida and the beauty of the untrammeled wilderness are beautiful.  Her descriptions of the eradication of a tribe are heartrending.”  — Ocala Star-Banner

    “…powerfully recreates the mid-19th century Seminole Indian Wars and the life of Osceola.” — Publisher’s Weekly    

    “…creates a thoroughly believable character called Osceola and sweeps the reader into a sensory experience of the Florida swamps and savannas, fascinating local lore, and a grueling, bitter war in which the Seminoles won most of the battles….  Robson, as few writers could, does full justice to the tragic but splendid story of the Seminoles’ fight for their homeland.” — Roundup Magazine


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