Running time: 4.5 hrs
Rated G




When Logan McGee gives Calla Lea Stafford a note saying that he doesn’t think they should go steady anymore, Calla can’t believe it-especially when the note is slipped inside a valentine card. Just six weeks earlier, over Christmas break, Logan had moved with his mother from Texas to Treebrook, Oregon. Calla had offered to show him around the school and introduce him to other kids. And school had not even started again before Calla was certain that she and Logan were much more than just friends.    Now Calla finds that her world is crumbling apart and that she is acting in ways she doesn’t understand, saying nasty things to her best friends; superstitiously putting lemons under her pillow with the hope of magically winning Logan back; telling lies to her parents, to whom she has never lied before. It is not long before Calla’s hurt turns to bitterness and she acts out in ways that cannot be ignored, and that has consequences that she cannot forget.    Calla’s story is the story of the joys of first love, the pain of first rejection, and the self-knowledge that comes when we pull ourselves together again.


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