finding fae book cover

Running time: 8.52 hrs
Rated PG




Your father and I are fae.
I want to see you someday.
When you are ready, follow the clues.


The summer before her senior year had been a major disappointment for seventeen-year-old Eevee. Especially the bit at the end, when she had been dumped by her boyfriend of ten months. But her friends Maggie and Cam are a text away to help her pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

In an effort to help distract Eevee from her woes, her parents give her a sealed envelope containing information about her adoption. Eevee is shocked when she finds a handwritten note from her birth mother claiming that Eevee is fae, and warning of danger if Eevee tries to uncover her true identity. The note is short and leaves Eevee with more questions than answers.

Following a trail of mysterious clues scattered across the fae realm, Eevee is set on finding her birth parents. Along the way, she meets an unlikely ally who will help her to understand this newly discovered identity and what it will mean for her future. As the clues unravel and bring her closer to her birth parents, they also bring her closer to danger. However, when powerful enemies in the Unseelie Court take note of her activity in the fae realm, Eevee debates whether it’s worth it to find the answers she’s longed to know about her past.


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