Voyage of the Delphi: Ezekiel's Brain

Running time: 11.22 hrs
Rated PG




Have an AI run the world?
What could go wrong?

DARPA’s AI, built and programmed to “fulfill humanity’s highest values”. has made a decision. The problem with Earth is the humans … Two centuries later, and the DARPA AI has multiplied into an android race, and spread throughout the solar system and beyond. When faced with a mutant AI race bent on consuming everything around them, the DARPA AIs search through history hoping to find a way to stop them. They stumble upon the long forgotten knowledge of the electronic copy of Ezekiel’s brain. AI Ezekiel has human emotions—the very thing the DARPA AIs lack to survive the coming fight.

Though the DARPA AIs reactivated Ezekiel to help them win the war, his humanistic contribution to this artificial intelligent race will reach well beyond this universe.


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